Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Catch of the Year--Alaska

The wildlife was incredible: the deer on the island were so friendly with humans, eagles circled the skies above, and seals popped their shiny heads up in the ocean around us. If we ever caught a Rock Fish, we would whistle for the eagles, throw the fish into the ocean, and watch in awe as they swooped down next to our skiffs to catch the food for their nests.
The daily itinerary consisted of waking up at 5:00 am and fishing until 6:30pm on little skiffs in the ocean. We ate like kings, soaked in the beautiful Alaskan air, and enjoyed spending quality time with incredible people. Evenings were spent eating dinner with the group (of 42),  playing games, and even competing in a family lip-sync battle. After a week of netting fish, baiting hooks, and sitting in fish guts...we ended up catching a great deal of delicious Salmon and, more importantly, making unforgettable memories----> Those skiffs became really special places as we were able to spend true quality time, unplugged from the world, with one another. We laughed hard, sang loud, and cheered one another on as they reeled in fish like champions. 

It can go from a quiet, peaceful troll to pure chaos in minutes. I.E. You see your pole dancing, reel it in, and net it. As you are trying to cut one fish out of the net, 'gaff' it before it flops out of the boat, you realize the pole is dancing on the other side--so your partner reels in one fish, and you slip on the fish blood as you try to drape the net over the side to catch the other (just in time), all while trying to navigate the skiff from crashing into rocks or other boats... it can become quite the spectacle! 

The last day, my tired pregnant body was having a hard time getting up like the previous mornings--I looked over and there Carson was, fully dressed, stocked with gear, and eager to get out on the water to catch more fish on our last day...lo and behold, it was our best fishing day with a whopping 14 fish! It was fun to see how excited everyone became when reeling in a fish successfully--ask everyone, it becomes strangely addicting to catch fish! We didn't want to come home at the end of the week. 

It is not a typical family vacation one would venture on but it has quickly become one of our favorites because of my Grandma + Grandpa (thank you). This year, Grandpa was with us in spirit. xoxo
Our time on Grant Island felt a little like heaven, a place of untouched territory--God's beauty.

Until next time, Alaska! You were, oh so, good to us! 


  1. Beautiful photos!! Looks like you had soooo much fun!! :)

    1. Thank you, Missy! It was an absolute dream. I hope you are doing well!