Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Alaska: Heaven on Earth

^^These boys ALWAYS came back with a skiff full of fish! By the end of the week, they caught 89 Salmon total!
^^Our new friend, Goddard, the deer. By the end of the week, these two LOVED each other.
^^Love how he always whips out his little pointer finger
^^we were sitting in our skiff talking...suddenly, our fishing poles started to dance...we each had a fish on our lines and then, out of nowhere, a HUGE whale's tail emerged from the ocean right next to our skiff....we excitedly freaked out...lost both fish...reeled in and followed it for about 30 minutes. This is the best iphone picture I could get...
^^Cars caught a 10.9 lb Silver 
^^The largest fish caught this week by Ian and his cousins. 24 lbs.
^^a 9 lb Silver 
^^So...this happened on our flight home. Melts my heart. Finn loves to read! 

We just got back from another AAAAMMMAAAZZZING trip to Alaska. (check out our other trips: HERE  and HERE ) My Grandparents kind of started a tradition (coming to Silver King Lodge on Grant Island to fish) many years is one of our family's favorite places to come. After my Grandpa passed away two years ago, there was an even bigger pull to come has become a healing and almost sacred little island for our entire family--especially for my Grandma. It is a little heaven on earth-->away from reality, nurturing cherished relationships, soaking in the gorgeous Alaskan landscape, and creating lasting memories fishing. Carson flew up on Monday with Tanner, his brother,  and due to the miraculous working of various people... Finn and I were able to meet up with them on Wednesday. After two flights, a shuttle run, and a boat ride...we made it. (Finn, you are a champion traveler, my dear. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous to do an entire day of crazy-traveling alone with a 9 month old baby but Finn was a dream!!!) We made it! 

Because we didn't want Finn out on the skiffs, my experience was more unique this year. Instead of living on a skiff + fishing out in the middle of the ocean the entire week, I spent more time on the island with Finn: hiking, feeding the deer, greeting the other fishers, getting to know the staff, etc. ...I was always fortunate enough to be able to get out once a day for a few, it is a riot to be out on the water, catching fish with people you love! I also loved being able to see Tanner and Carson enjoying an ideal brother's trip! (Overall, we (they) caught nearly 200 lbs of fish.)
Of course, the evenings were spent eating dinner and playing games, per usual. At the end of the week, when the rest of the group flew back home, Carson, Tanner, Finn, and I hitched a ride on the Tin Man to Clover Pass and went to Church with the staff. We then stayed a night in Ketchikan in an old, somewhat creepy hotel. It was fun to see a different side of Ketchikan. We are already counting down the days until we will be lucky enough to go again! 

Anyone want to come over for dinner??....we will be having Salmon for months :) 

On our way home (in the airport!).....Finn's First Steps Walking!!!!!!

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