Sunday, September 13, 2015

Europe Bound: First Stop, London

We are doing it, a once in a lifetime opportunity!!! The plan: London--> Denmark-> Poland
We have always talked about doing a trip like this since Carson came home from his mission 5 years ago. Carson is one to make things happen. Instead of just talking about it, he spent countless hours researching travel hacking and ways to travel affordably. He made this trip an actual reality for our little fam. It was amazing how things miraculously started falling into place. It was as though we were destined to go at this time! Needless to say, it was a 10-day dream vacation! 
We ran (waddled) around London, all three of us!!
First Stop: London!

After 15 hours of flying, it felt GOOD to arrive. Being 29 weeks pregnant, I tried to get up and walk every hour so I didn't sleep much on the flight. The airplane food, however, was surprisingly great and I received endless amounts of juice and water so I was happy!  We arrived on a beautiful, cloudy day. After finding our room--> we used Airbnb (side note: we had fantastic experiences in every country with this setup!)--> we explored the cobblestone streets for two days. We had pastries in the park for breakfast, watched the Changing of the Guards at the Buckingham Palace, explored the Tower of London, drank juice from one of the top floors of the Shard, and ran around the entire city. We walked more in London each day than in any other country...TONS of walking but we saw so many incredible things. The energy of the city made me come alive!!!!!! I couldn't have been more excited to spend all of my time with Carson, doing whatever we 
wanted, whenever we wanted!

The next night, we jumped on another plane--> Off to Denmark! 

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