Monday, April 3, 2017

Livin' in Hawaii

"Hey, Rach, after I finish my Masters and before we buy a house...wouldn't it be sweet to live in Hawaii for a short time? It's always been on my bucket list." 

January 2017: Purchased ✈️ tickets to Hawaii. 

I love my Carson-the sky is always the limit. 💛

--->Here we are. We made it! (We will be in Hawaii for a month!) Finn was amazing on the flight and he hasn't stopped giggling and smiling since we have been here! I think he is sold on this beautiful place. (He has always been our water baby.) We are renting an upstairs apartment in a residential neighborhood in Laie, Hawaii.


Finn recently started this thing where he stops whatever he is doing to smile and wave at complete strangers who pass by. The neat thing is, the people here are especially receptive to his friendliness. I am blown away by the goodness...He has already been invited to one birthday party since we have been here 😂 ...or this morning, Finn and I went to play on the beach and we met this friendly woman and her grandkids. Her husband came to drop off McDonalds breakfast for her and the kids. Without any hesitation, she opened her bag and handed me some of her food as she encouraged us to join them. She kept saying, "Food is better when you share it." She prayed over the food and blessed us, "her new friends." Wow. I left the beach wanting to be more like these people around me--young and old--treating ALL people with genuine kindness and love. 💛 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Finn's 11 Month Video

Garrett Family from Chelsea Homer on Vimeo.

When my sister sent me this video she created, I got so teary eyed watching it. From a little hike up the canyon, she created something that will allow me to remember so many of the sweet little sounds, mannerisms, and facials that I so dearly love of my boys!!! I will cherish this so much as we grow. Thank you for blessing us with your talent, Chels!!! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Biking in Black + White

Ah! I love this boy!!! My heart feels like it will burst any minute with the love I feel for him. He truly is a beacon of light and happiness.

I live more in 'the present' than I ever have...bc Finn keeps me present... when he gets so happy and smiles as wide as he possibly can (with that darling 🎃  smile), or how he starts head-banging when music comes on, or walks over to give me slobbery kisses, or when he laughs out loud his entire 🚲 ride (he is literally obsessed w/ this bike 😂)...he reminds me how happy it is to live and be alive right this second...that although the future is unknown, here and right now, life is oh so good. He is showing me how to find happiness in the often mundane, overlooked moments of life. 🙏🏼 

My Little Explorer

My little explorer! The two of us have taken on a different canyon every day this week, enjoying the great outdoors at our own pace. On our hike today, we stopped to eat some bananas when it started to snow...obviously the beanie last .2 seconds. Finn laughed when the snowflakes melted on his face. Soon we both were laughing as we ran back to the car for refuge. I don't think anything could have prepared me for how much Finn would change my heart. 

Finn's Favorites

^^Finn's First Fall

^^Finn playing with Chelsea @ Dad's house on the 4th of July!
Finn, you LOVE water!!! 
Bath time is play time!!!
This is one of the first times Finn took a few steps all by himself. It was after a day of traveling back from Alaska in the airport...we were all tired but not Finn, Finn is ALWAYS happy. Not to mention, he started walking at 9 months old! --> Finn, you are a champion. You are so developmentally advanced; you certainly keeps us on our toes!
Finn, you are curious about everything and are quick...once you see something, you immediately try it yourself! 
I love the bed head look! :) You are adamant about feeding yourself these days!
 I cannot get over how much I love this little face! 
You love to suck on your pointer finger. Also, your big blue eyes are a dream!
You love to be outside. We go on walks all of the time. You prefer to up high, carried in this carrier/by us so you can see everything around you.
You LOVE books. It is so fun to read with you. 
Here you are reading with Grandma Garrett. She is so good to you, Finn! 
One night, after a rough day of teething, Dad and I tried so hard to get you to go to sleep...finally Dad picked you up to bounce you (the only method that got you to sleep your first few months). Soon, I found you two like this ^^ and my momma heart just about burst! I love you two!!!


You love Grandpa Joe. He took us all to Arizona one weekend to visit his family...and EVERYONE loved you. 
We went to the zoo at gets pretty hot in Mesa these summer days! woof. This was your first time to the zoo and you LOVED the animals. It was so fun watching you soaking in the entire experience (pun intended :)... I sure had a blast being with my cousins.
We went swimming in the Jackson's neighbors backyard. 
Here you are with Grandma Jackson. She could not get over how bright and happy you are. She kept telling people how good natured and smart you are. It was so fun for me to be able to take you to a place that is near and dear to MY childhood.
I already miss this gummy smile...but your new teeth are pretty dang cute.
We love you, Finn James Garrett!