Monday, April 3, 2017

Livin' in Hawaii

"Hey, Rach, after I finish my Masters and before we buy a house...wouldn't it be sweet to live in Hawaii for a short time? It's always been on my bucket list." 

January 2017: Purchased ✈️ tickets to Hawaii. 

I love my Carson-the sky is always the limit. 💛

--->Here we are. We made it! (We will be in Hawaii for a month!) Finn was amazing on the flight and he hasn't stopped giggling and smiling since we have been here! I think he is sold on this beautiful place. (He has always been our water baby.) We are renting an upstairs apartment in a residential neighborhood in Laie, Hawaii.


Finn recently started this thing where he stops whatever he is doing to smile and wave at complete strangers who pass by. The neat thing is, the people here are especially receptive to his friendliness. I am blown away by the goodness...He has already been invited to one birthday party since we have been here 😂 ...or this morning, Finn and I went to play on the beach and we met this friendly woman and her grandkids. Her husband came to drop off McDonalds breakfast for her and the kids. Without any hesitation, she opened her bag and handed me some of her food as she encouraged us to join them. She kept saying, "Food is better when you share it." She prayed over the food and blessed us, "her new friends." Wow. I left the beach wanting to be more like these people around me--young and old--treating ALL people with genuine kindness and love. 💛 

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