Monday, January 25, 2016

Finn's Firsts (Month 2)


"Firsts" of this Month:
First Babbles:
You are quite the talker these days. You have the sweetest little voice and you have started to model things we say/sing--(you are your father's son...I imagine you will be quite skilled with the impersonations in the future, down to the exact tones and fluctuations...) Seriously, I was in shock when you started to copy me (like in the picture or videos above). You are very observant and pick up on things so quickly. Every time I say, "I love you," you babble a similar remark back and I about die (i.e. the videos!). It makes me teary sometimes--as I count how blessed I am to be your momma. It makes all of those hard moments fade away.

First Team-Running: 

I went on a morning run with my little dinosaur (pic above), it was more like an 'educational stroll' --> halfway out, I found myself pushing an empty stroller, carrying Finn as he excitedly giggled/babbled about everything we passed (love his curiosity)... So my biceps got a workout. We are still working on this running together outside of the womb thing. Good news, you are the best little assistant as I coach track every day--usually you are asleep in my carrier but the kids sure love you! 

Our First Time Out: Carson and I went to Domo's Black Tie Event over Christmas Break. It was the first time I had left Finn since he was born and we tried the bottle I pumped.  It was SO fun to get all dressed up and go out together like we always had but now my heart had another pull elsewhere and all I could think about was hour in, my chest reminded me of that as well. :)

Finn, you are 2 1/2 months old today! Time is flying by. You are already fitting into your 6 month clothes...(come to find out you are in the 76 percentile for height--you are going to be a tall boy)! Today, we went to go to get two of your immunizations. You were so tough. You were giggling and talking to the doctor...before the shots came out, of course...and then you wanted nothing else but to be in our arms. Your personality is starting to blossom and we are obsessed--you are the happiest baby. You greet us every morning with endless smiles.You tell us so many stories. Your giggle is my favorite sound on the planet. You are always on the move with your strong little limbs. You practice your daily exercises with Dad and you are already standing up with limited assistance. You are going to be crawling before we know it. 

We love you, Finn! 

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