Friday, April 8, 2016

Finn's 5 months

You: You are the happiest, sweetest boy. You smile 90% of the day. You roll over and get into everything these days. I find myself laughing often as I watch you grab onto things and get your hands on anything in arms distance---everything I touch, you touch. You are so curious and intrigued by the details in the world around you. You love to touch people's faces as you look at them with curiosity. People are always coming up to me, commenting on your gorgeous BLUE eyes and how alert you are at such a young age. You still mimic those around you...cooing, laughing, opening your mouth--your latest trick: spitting + vibrating your lips. I find it so endearing as you start to bite your lower lip with your upper lip when you concentrate. You flail your limbs like a mad-man and your thick hair has a mind of its own. You laugh hard these days--especially at Dad, he gets you is quite possibly my favorite sound I have ever heard.  You started teething last month aka everything goes in your mouth--especially your little fists. You are starting to recognize me and when it's not me-->you are a Momma's boy right now (and I love it)! You, however, always want me to be with you or in your sight. Some nights, right before you go to sleep, you reach your little arm over to touch me to make sure I am there before you submerge into a deep slumber.  You enjoy being outside at the park or on a walk (we, however, are still trying to figure this stroller thing--you always want me to be holding you so you can look around at everything we pass)! :) You are loved beyond measure, by SO many people around you.

Us: Dad works so hard. He is taking 18 credits this semester to finish up his Masters program in IS. He is so creative and brilliant with technology. We just went to watch his Capstone Project Presentation @ BYU and he killed it.  He also works long hours at DOMO--where he accepted a full time offer there, come May. He is gone 12 hours a day. Despite being so busy, he comes home every chance he gets to play with us. He is also happy 90% of the time (ha) and overly excited to play with you the second he gets home. Me: I am still coaching track. You come with me every afternoon and sleep in the carrier while I coach. Other than that, it is you + me, buddy! I don't think my heart could love you + your Dad more--I feel it might burst. Watching you (this little person we created) think, feel, laugh, feel, move on his own is the coolest process I have ever been apart of! It's truly the gold mine of life.

Happy 5 months, Finn James!

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